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Limoncello of Sorrento

Our production of Sorrento limoncello

The B&B Al Mare Sorrento, thanks to its garden that surrounds the structure, full of fruit trees and especially citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges, offers quality handmade products such as limoncello, lemon cream, mandarancello, arancello, lemon jams and of oranges. The yellow of the lemons, with their characteristic aromas, are the gold and the raw material to obtain the limoncello of Sorrento. A product obtained with few ingredients, but only their quality gives that extra touch that makes it unique in the world. Our processing begins with the harvesting of fruits from our trees, both lemons and oranges, following their cleaning to be then processed to obtain the different products.

Marmalade with citrus fruits of Sorrento

Our marmalades

First quality products are our citrus jams, that is lemon and orange. After harvesting the fruit, it is processed and a part of the fruit, specifically the peel, is used to create limoncello or other similar and the pulp of the fruit is used for the creation of jams. The taste of these reminds fully that of the fruits and are typical jams of the Sorrento peninsula, delicious to be enjoyed with a teaspoon or accompanied by biscuits and even more excellent for the creation of homemade pies.